About Us

Inside Out began as a thought...

...a dream actually. Since moving to Atlanta we have been on a search. It began innocently with reading self -help books and books on Christian living. A friend encouraged us to read Success by Design: Ten Biblical Secrets to Help You Achieve Your God-given Potential, written by Dr. Peter Hirsch. Success by Design has brought us greater focus and commitment to the things our lives were calling for us to act on.

We have continued reading and searching ... but, there has always been something missing.

Atlanta has much to offer, but not necessarily in the South Fulton area.

We have been looking for a way to bring the arts closer to "home". That mission has turned into our mantra.

If you know Joey at all, you would know that she has an active and vivid dream life. She woke one morning telling me, "I had a dream last night." Most likely I responded with a sigh and said, "Go ahead, tell me." The story we began telling ourselves was to open our own "store", call it Inside Out and offer those experiences that we see and hear about in the metro area- here. Initially, I must admit I was skeptical. But, as the universe likes to do, we kept hearing and seeing the words Inside Out. The idea was hard to ignore.

That journey started in 2010. We have finally actualized those thoughts and dreams here in Hapeville, GA. Thanks to many, the path was made clear.

We call home at: 3395 Dogwood Dr.

Please stop in. Browse. Chit-Chat, join an art class or a book club. This is not OUR place, but YOURS as well.